Fundraising Quiz

Run your own Fundraising Quiz to support Footsteps Counselling & Care

If you would like to support us and have some fun with family or friends too, we have created some materials for you to host your very own quiz.

As this quiz is being run by you, you can choose when to play it and whether you would like to use the full set of questions. If you think the questions are too easy or too tricky, you can always swap them for some of your own!

Please do sign up below to register your interest in the quiz and join our mailing list. Once you’ve registered keep an eye out for a blue link below. Click that and download your materials instantly and enjoy!

Remember to make your donation either before or after you run the quiz, or share the donation link to your entrants!

If you have any questions or problems downloading your games, please let us know at and we’ll be happy to help you out.