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Footsteps Counselling & Care’s main area of support is in providing counselling for anyone in the Gloucestershire area affected by pregnancy-related issues, including the loss of a baby for any reason and at any time and those struggling with other pregnancy-related issues, including fertility problems and postnatal depression.

All of these issues and many more are difficult to discuss and often people are left to struggle through life without the help and support they need and deserve. Counselling can provide a sense of safety in a neutral place with someone who understands, enabling people to safely explore their feelings and emotions around their sadness and grief. This can provide a great sense of release, allowing some healing and the strength to move on. Feeling listened to, understood and accepted can be very powerful and therapeutic.


Support Groups

We offer local support groups for issues related to pregnancy and loss.  Support groups allow you to share your story, express emotions and be heard in a place of acceptance and understanding.   Our groups are led by our experienced counselling team who will enable you to give and receive support from those that have been through similar issues.


Call us on 01452 308618, or contact us via our online contact form and one of our team will respond as soon as they can.

Other support

Other organisations offering support for pregnancy, fertility and birth related issues. Please see our directory for other providers of support.

Common questions

How can counselling help?

Our experience has shown that people who are struggling to come to terms with a loss such as miscarriage or stillbirth have found that being able to talk about them in a safe space has helped them with the grieving process. Before starting counselling we ask new clients to attend an initial assessment session which gives you an opportunity to find out more about Footsteps Counselling & Care and how counselling might be of help.

Is there a waiting list?

We do have a waiting list. Due to the nature of our work it is hard to know how long the wait will be. If we put you on our list we will see you as soon as we possibly can and let you know roughly how long that wait will be.

How many sessions can I have?

At this time we are able to offer you up to 12 counselling sessions. This is to enable us to minimise the waiting time for our service. Of course, you can come for less than 12 sessions, and should you find you need more than 12, your counsellor will explain what your options are.

What is the cost of our services?
Our counselling is free to those that need it, however, to help to cover our costs we ask that clients make a donation per session if they can. You can agree an amount with your counsellor. We never turn away anyone away if they are unable to make a donation. You can donate towards the cost of our service by giving cash or a cheque to your counsellor each session, or by donating via PayPal. You can also find the link on our Facebook page
How do I refer for counselling?
We accept referrals from many organisations including bereavement midwives, health visitors, GPs, social workers, family support workers etc.

Anyone is very welcome to refer themselves to us too. Just give us a call on 01452 308618, email or send us an enquiry via our contact form.

How can I donate to your work?
You can donate through Givey or our PayPal page. Please see our information on other ways to donate for further ideas.
How can I get involved?
We have a myriad of ways that you might like to be involved; from volunteering to clicking as you shop from home to raise funds. Have a look at our Volunteers page to see how you can help. Do let us know if you've got any other ideas though!
Do you run support groups?
Footsteps run local peer support groups led by our experienced counsellors on a range of pregnancy related issues. The monthly groups bring people with similar experiences together to share their stories and support each other. To find out about our current support groups please get in touch.

What we do

Talking to a counsellor

Counselling offers people a chance to talk through issues and problems that are having an impact on their life in a safe, neutral environment. Our counsellors will not make any assumptions or judgements about you as a person or about what you share with them. They will help you to explore what is happening to you and support you to find ways of moving forwards. Our counsellors do not offer opinions, advice or guidance.

Other sources of support

Please see our support directory for other organisations that may be able to help

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Peer Support Groups

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Do you need help?

Call us on 01452 308618 or get in touch via our contact form

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