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Footsteps Counselling and Care is a charitable organisation that provides counselling support for anyone in the Gloucestershire area affected by pregnancy related issues, including the loss of a baby for any reason and at any time and those struggling with other pregnancy related issues, including fertility problems and postnatal depression.

All of these issues and many more are difficult to discuss and often people are left to struggle through life without the help and support they need and deserve. Counselling can provide a sense of safety in a neutral place with someone who understands, enabling people to safely explore their feelings and emotions around their sadness and grief. This can provide a great sense of release, allowing some healing and the strength to move on. Feeling listened to, understood and accepted can be very powerful and therapeutic.


Footsteps Counselling and Care was founded in 2012 by a group of people with their own experiences of the traumas relating to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, neonatal death and depression. It is now run by a Board of Trustees that including some of those founder members.

Much of our work is done by volunteers, including counselling, shop staff and office support. See our VOLUNTEERS age if you’d like to get involved.


Footsteps Counselling and Care receives no Government or NHS Funding.  We rely on our Charity shop and on our own fundraising to continue our work.


We accept referrals from many organisations including bereavement midwives, health visitors, GPs, social workers, family support workers etc.

Anyone is very welcome to refer themselves to us too.  Just give us a call or email: office@footstepscandc.org .uk

 For more information about our service, please see the 'About Our Service' page.